Sunday, June 6, 2010

NIPTO, Day 119

HALLELUJAH! Blogger is working again! It's been down for over 19 hours I'm guessing. CRAZY. Here is "today's" post!
(It's actually at about 5:30 on Monday. Heh. NOT my fault =P)

AHHHHHHHHHH Blogger's down right now. So I'm writing this in an OpenOffice document. Boo hiss blogger for being down when I want to BLOG! * sigh* oh well.

It's really late. But here's a brief recap of my day:

Get up in the morning... take my sweet time getting ready for church because we only have to go to the 11 o'clock service (SCORE)
Go to church. (This seems like it was about a week ago!)
Come home. Eat lunch. Go on a walk? Yeah.
Go to Panera to check on my application status.
DRIVE to Giant Eagle to get something Mom needed for dinner.
Shower/get ready for the recital.
Leave&pick up Eh Dah Doe, Eh Ler Tha, Ehne Thau, and Hser Ler Moo. Put makeup on in the car. Get to the high school. Find the dressing room&get the presents for Nancy, Amy, and Jackie (we got 3 new stools for the studio) into the dressing room. Then we chilled. Practiced dances. Helped other people get ready for their dances.
Then we danced. The first one was Standing Still. I don't have video of it on me right now. I'll have to cut some of the video that Dad took and post it or something. Standing still went OK. I messed up a little bit, but it wasn't that noticeable. It was just annoying because I was in the front. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.
Then the seniors did their dance. I have it video taped from back stage. Which isn't great. But it's okay. I'll probably post it sometime. It's way too late to think about that right now.

Then intermission. And people scrambling. One of the girls forgot a couple of her costumes at home. So intermission was a little bit longer than planned. But it was okay. Annnnd then we danced again. Just for Now this time. Hannah is the outcast in the dance. She did a fantaaaastic job being upset and stuff. Then we rushed off stage to help a couple of the girls change because they had 2 dances to change before their next song. And one of the girls had to be over on the other side. She started the dance. And was freaking out a little bit. But she got there in plenty of time! So all was well.

Then we did bows and whatnot. And then we did Pants on the Ground. A fantastic finale dance. Annd then they brought out the presents and stuff. And a lot of people cried. And lots and lots of hugs went around. And lots of pictures were taken. It was great. And sad. And I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in 2 years! So that was exciting. She might be dancing next year and I really hope she does! I missed her :)

Then we dropped the Karen girls off at their respective houses. And then we went to Arby's and got Jamoca shakes. They were delicious. And then we came home and watched the dances that we wanted to watch. And now it's now. And I'm using the words “and” and “then” a lot. But it's late. Excuse my poor writing quality =P
Quick story about Panera and then I'm done. Driving with Abby goes up tomorrow.

So I go into Panera and wait in line. I ask for “Big Ben” because that's the manager who hires people. I talked to “Little Ben” who doesn't hire people. Here's kind of how it went:

Me: Hey, can I talk to Big Ben?
Little Ben: Today was his last day...
Me: ooookay... uhm... I turned in an application about a month ago, and I know he said you guys weren't hiring then, but I was wondering if there would be an opening soon or what...
LB: Well, Lenny is the guy you would want to talk to... You're Hannah's sister right?
Me: Yeah. I am. Do you know when Lenny is working next?
LB: I should know... but I don't. Let me check. … comes back Tomorrow from 5-1. You could call around 9 because we're not very busy around then usually
Me: would it be better for me to come in or call?
LB: Probably to call. Then Lenny can pull your application out and put it in the short stack. But your best bet might be for Hannah to listen for if anyone gets fired. If you call on the day that someone gets fired, 9 out of 10 times you'll get an interview. We can always give you an interview, but once you're there it's about selling yourself to Lenny.
Me: Thanks :)

And that's kind of how it went. I'm going to go to bed now. This probably isn't going to get published until tomorrow. Sorry about that. Stupid blogger... =P

No NIPTO today, actually. There was a talent show at the church and that was at 7. And we had the recital at 7. So we were both kind of busy beforehand. But there will be NIPTO tomorrow :)

I'm tired. I feel like the makeup that's caked on my face is sinking into my pores. It's kinda gross. =P

Soooooo good night!

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Katie said...

But your best bet might be for Hannah to listen for if anyone gets fired. If you call on the day that someone gets fired, 9 out of 10 times you'll get an interview.

hahahahahahaha! Like.