Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VBS day two- Magnesium

Hello blog readers! I am exhaustified! Day 2 at VBS is over. And I am tired. Kindergartners and 1st graders can be crazy. But they're also pretty good. They're definitely cute.
I got to start out the evening by sitting in a box. It was pretty fun. I got to listen as everyone came in and as Brandon came in. Then I got to make the box move... to "trick" him into thinking that it was "Johnny" (The boy who got to Captain K's spaceship initially). It was fun. It was bright when he took the box off of me though =P

After the opening stuff we stayed in the sanctuary and did our songs. We sang Blast Off, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Jesus Loves Me, and a song that we had different parts. There was an "ooo" group, an "ahh" group, and a group that I don't remember what they said. But we did that until the end. It was pretty fun.

Then we went to snack. Trail-mix with purple kool-aid. We went around and said what our favorite toy was. (Mine was bubbles :) One of the girls said a naked barbie. I had to hide my laughter. We advised her to put clothes on it.

After snack was crafts! They made tambourines. Decorated them more precisely. (Those were transferred to the sanctuary to await our return!)
And then we had our "Discovery" time... aka science. Alex lit magnesium. It was cool. Since it was so cool, I took a video. And here it is!

Cool, huh? We're supposed to be like stars. It kind of looks like stars... We decided that we should be like magnesium. ;)(Hence the title of this post!) It was fun. We went over our Power Phrase for the day (I say: Our God is amazing! You say: Praise God!) aaaa lot in that class.

Then we went outside and played the star game. Basically taking balls (like ball-pit balls) and putting them in a big container in the center of a rectangle without getting tagged by the "Star Defenders."
Here are a couple pictures from that :)

Erin giving instructions

Ashley and Michael defending

Defending some more...

I'm in this pictures. Maroon shorts. Navy blue shirt. Yeah. That's me =P

After games we went upstairs for our reflection time. We told them to sit in a circle and everyone sat in a clump. It was not a circle. So we had to make a circle. See? Isn't it b-e-a-u-tiful?

Our circle. Me in the navy blue. To MY left: Landon, Aubrey, Bella, Lillianna (Lilli), Christy, Alex, Daniel, Alex.

Talking about what we learned today.

It was a fun day over all. I'm tired. Very tired. In fact, I'm going to go to bed now.
More VBS fun tomorrow!

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