Friday, June 18, 2010

VBS- Day 4 - Jesus was an elephant?

Hello readers! Last night was the last night of VBS. I was about to drop dead when I got home. Hence, I did not post. Lets see... My mom and I picked up Paige on the way there. When we got there I did a couple thing like looking over my schedule and looking over the reflection time.

Then we sang and stuff. I danced a TON! I love those songs. There will be a video at the end from the closing ceremony. It's special ;)
Captain K came out and did his thang. The story for the day was On The Road to Emmaus.
Brandon had been talking to Erin and me the other night about how hard it was to come up with simple ways to tell these stories. Soooo he found a YouTube video telling the story of The Road to Emmaus. And it's so special, I'm going to let you watch it! (This also explains the title of this post :)

"He's kickin it somewhere else" (or whatever the quote is) made me laugh. I'm sitting in the pew with my K-1 group, and I'm laughing. Stifling my laughter is more like it :)

After the opening stuff we went to our discovery "mission!" They tried to do the baking soda-vinegar thing, but the bag kept leaking. So we went outside and Alex set off smoke bombs and fireworks. The smoke bombs were pretty colors :)

The purple one was my favorite :) So pretty!

Then we went to our game.
 For the game, the kiddos had to go pick up a ball and bring it back to us. Each ball had a word taped on it. There was a paper that had the "key phrase" on it (one of the bible "boosters" (verses) or one of the praise phrases). Whoever matched both of the phrases on the papers with their balls won! The girls won that one though.
Goin' out to find the right words!

After our game we went inside to do music. Always a favorite time :)

Then we went to our snack. YUM. (During snack, Erin was inside getting her snack and we were both dancing to A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and... one of the other songs that I don't remember the name of! But it was fun :) I think the kids think we're crazy!)
After snack we went to crafts where the kids used up the rest of the craft supplies since we were the last class of the last day of the week. So that was kinda fun.

Getting their instructions from Ms. Sandy
After crafts we headed outside to see the rockets launch! For every Praise Phrase that the kids learned they launched a rocket. So that was fun :)

Captain K giving us the instructions/Praise Phrases
After we launched the rockets we headed back inside for more singing and dancing... and for the handing out of necklaces, candy, and glow in the dark stars!
It got kind of crazy. See?

This is probably one of my favorite pictures. So funny!
Singing and dancing some more!
And then it was over. Kids left and I ran after some of them to give them their papers and whatnot... But it wasn't over until I got a picture of Captain K looking epic. Ready?

Epicness. RIGHT THERE.

Yup. That was VBS. In a nutshell. A really big nutshell. It was a good time! We would just be finishing up our reflection time if it were still going on tonight!

AH! I almost forgot! I almost forgot the epicness that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! AH! But. I didn't. So: here it is!

I think I'm going to go hang out with my parents. Seeing as they're the ones who are here... my sisters have deserted me! or something like that ;)

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