Friday, June 11, 2010

It's that Cat-again!

I was outside today. And I was taking pictures. And I heard something. And it was this cat. We call her(?) Cadugan (Like cat-again sped up!) And I think it's a girl... so we call her Lady Cadugan. :) So here are some pictures of her(?)

Isn't she pretty?

Look at me! I have big eyes.

I sees a mouse. (not really. I'm just throwin things out there)

Really, Abby? Really?

She looks hypnotized

OO. Look over there!

She looks serious. Very serious.

Chillin on our porch. Don't tell the dog!

Pretty kitty!

I think that this is a funtastic picture.

Hope you enjoyed the kitty :)


Ruthie said...

Looks like Lady Cadugan could eat your poor dog for dinner. :)

Katie said...

I like that cat!