Thursday, June 17, 2010

VBS day 3-Sparklers!

Hello. I am, once again, exhausted. And it's not even 10:30.

VBS felt crazy and kind of short for me tonight. I got there a little bit late. But everything was okay. We went to our Games Mission first. We used the game that was supposed to go with the previous night when we did the story of the Women at the Well. They took styrofoam cups that had holes in the bottom (on purpose) and filled them with water and had to run to the other bucket to fill it before all the water ran out. According to Erin, our group was the one that got the wettest. Figures =P

See the watter dripping? All over them.

I think I get the meaning of the phrase "hearding cats made of jell-o" now. K-1 kids are crazy. And aren't very good at staying in a single-file line.

Thankfully they don't have to during music time! (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G is the song we're singing. Go look it up on YouTube)
L-R Katie, Marcy, Lillianne, Aubrey, Bella, Daniel, Alex P (blue), Alex B (red), Me.

(Cue going to bed and finishing in the morning!)
We went to snack after that. Then craft. I don't usually take pictures during those "missions" because I'm helping or occupying the kids.
After crafts we went to our Discovery time where they lit a BUNCH of sparklers. It was sweet. I have a video of it. So here it is :)

You can hear us talking about Magnesium from yesterday! haha

I also took a couple pictures. Here's one of them :)

This is Daniel. The only boy in our group who isn't an Alex! (Granted there are only 3 boys...)

Then, because we were done, we decided to roll down the hill a few times. I did it twice. I was very dizzy! And I got a grass stain on my pants but I think it came out :) It was all worth it!
Getting ready to roll down the hill! (I'm on the far left... ;)
From L-R: Me, Alex S, Alex B, Daniel, Lilliann, Aubrey, and Bella
After our Discovery "mission" we went back to our room to do our reflection time. That is when it's like trying to heard cats made of jello. It's really hard to get everyone to hold hands in a circle, then sit down so we're in a circle, then sit crisscross applesauce (indian style. Just a fun way to say it!). Sounds easy, right? WRONG. They flop once we get to that room. They know we're almost done and they're tired. It's 8:00. It's probably getting close to bed time for a coupel of them. And it can get frustrating. Especially when the Alexes are causing trouble by a) flopping or b) non-stop talking.
But we get there. And actually use all our time! So that's exciting :)

Tonight should be fun. It's the last night. I might have to take a nap/rest time this afternoon so I can be especially HYPE tonight! I want to take a lot of pictures and I want to be CRAZY! The kids think it's funny when I'm crazy. At least I hope they do... =P
There might be a post tonight... it might have to wait till tomorrow morning though!

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