Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driving With Abby-Random

Hola! I have 2 driving times to cover. But I don't think it should be too crazy.

On Tuesday I drove to Wal-Mart to return Alice in Wonderland to the RedBox. I went the back way. And it wasn't too bad... I don't think. It's a little crazy turning left across Arlington Road, but I did it. And I manage to turn without any cars coming towards me! It was fantastic.

Coming home wasn't crazy either. There was a little bit of a crazy left turn. But it was okay. There was no one at the stop sign =P

I just got home from driving to and from North Canton to see Unseen Masterpiece (Jeremiah&Jen's band) play at Cafe Gelato. They were good! I love listening to them play. You can listen too! Just click on this link or this one! :D

I took all back roads to get there. It was pretty tame. Nothing crazy. Hannah says I got close to the curb a couple of times but I didn't do anything too crazy.
I don't feel like there's much to report for the way there...
On the way home I just kind of drove where Dad told me to drive. Not really sure exactly where we drove, but we drove and got home. We got gas at Get-Go on Massilon and then went home via Boettler and Arlington. I wasn't up for expressway tonight!
We made it home. I have more night-driving. And I have more time on my card. So that's good.

Peace OUT Girl Scout!

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