Monday, June 14, 2010

In a year from now...

how many of these things will have changed? How will they change? How much will they change?

"What are these 'things?'" you might ask.
These things are the answers to the question "Who am I?"

My mom is reading a book called What Color is Your Parachute? and there are exercises in it. (WCIYP? is a book about finding your ideal job... job market... and yeah.)
There are exercises about finding out what you're really passionate about and what kind of job would be your ideal job.
So on Saturday night, the four of us who are home sat down and did this exercise.
What you need: 10 pieces of paper (we used half sheets), a pen or pencil, and YOU.
At the top of each page write "Who am I?"
Then on each sheet write one answer to that question. Just one.
Once you've done that, go back over all of the sheets and expand on what you wrote. Look at each answer and write underneath it why you said that and what turns you on about that answer.
When you're finished with that go back over them and arrange them in order of priority. Which one is the most important to you? That page goes on top.
THEN go back through all of them and look at the answers to what turns you on about each one and see if there are any common words or themes throughout them. If there are, write them down on a separate sheet.

That's all my paraphrasing of What Color is Your Parachute? 2009 by Richard Nelson Bolles.

Ready to see what I wrote?
1. A Christ follower
2. A daughter/sister
3. A good listener
4. A friend
5. A student
6. A person who has a good sense of humor
7. A photographer
8. A blogger
9. A musician
10. A dancer

Now I'm going to go through and type out what I wrote under each thing :)

1. Being different. Being passionate about something as a teenager. Having something to work towards. Knowing that I can change myself with God's help.
2. Being part of a goofy, silly, loving family. Being loved unconditionally/loving unconditionally. Having "Yackley culture"/inside jokes. Laughing!
3. Knowing that people trust me. Helping people understand their feelings. Being a mediator of sorts.
4. Having fun with people that are similar to myself. Being goofy. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings with others without fear.
5. Learning new things. Seeing things from someone else's perspective. Sharing my own perspective. Being able to ask someone more knowledgeable than myself questions.
6. Getting a joke. Giving a joke. Laughing! Plays on words. Cleverness.
7. Colors. Focus. A good end result. Working with other people. Capturing what God has made. seeing things differently. Beauty in unexpected places. Sharing the pictures I take. Capturing emotions.
8. Sharing my thoughts through writing. Sharing Jesus through writing. Telling people about what makes me me. Sharing things that I love (Music, bands, pictures, other bloggers). Giving my opinion on stuff. Getting feedback from other people.
9. Music. Performing. Challenging myself. Learning new things. Bringing other people happiness/joy through music. Worshipping God through music.
10. Music. Movement. Grace. Pushing myself. Performing. Working with other people to make something beautiful.

You might've noticed that I underlined somewhat sporadically. Those are the words that stuck out. That were repeated.
I wrote down on a separate sheet of paper the things that stuck out to me. I'll write down that list for posterity too :)
Sharing my thoughts and feelings. Doing things with other people. doing things for other people. Laughing, being goofy and silly. Seeing things differently. Challenging myself. Learning new things. Beauty. Goals. Sharing.

After all that is said and done, he asks the question "What must my career use (and include) for me to be truly happy, useful, and effective?" This is what I wrote:
Something where I can share what I think and get feedback and different people's perspectives. Something that is challenging, but I can still set goals and meet them. Something where I'm constantly learning and doing things with and for other people. Something where I can be myself and laugh and be goofy. Something where I can share beautiful things.

That's about it! Feel free to do this exercise! It's fun. It's helpful. It was interesting to see what the rest of my family put. I'd love to see what Katie's results would be :) (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Hope you're having a faaaaantastic day!

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