Monday, August 2, 2010

Driving With Abby - Driving School: Day 4

Ahhh today began the second week of driving school.
It's kind of funny, because in one week, you become the expert. You can just come in and plop down in your seat. And then there are the new kids who look SO uncomfortable. It's pretty funny. And it takes a little longer on Mondays because the new people have to pay&stuff.

Today we went over why driving school is important (we had lessons 1&2 today), the point system, mistakes young drivers make, we watched a movie about young drivers... we talked about seat belts... and watched a video about that... and then whoever came up with a question got to leave for break (aka go to Subway or Dollar General). I came up with a question about something completely unrelated to seat belts (but we had talked about it earlier) and went to Dollar General and got myself a Hershey's bar. It was delicious.
Second half of class we went over road rage, driving courteously, and some other stuff that I don't remember, but took notes on. OH! The SIPDE and Smith systems. SIPDE-
Search systematically- keep your eyes moving
Identify- look for specific clues about what's coming up-break lights, signs, other people's signals.
Predict -what are other people going to do?
Decide- Decide what you're going to do (with your speed&direction)
Execute- Execute what you decided to do.

Smith system is
All Good Kids Like Milk.
Aim high-look out as far as you can/keep your eyes moving
Get the big picture-Don't pay attention to just what's around your car. Look at the big picture
Keep your eyes moving
Leave yourself a way out. (Aka don't get stuck in the middle of 4 cars.)

And then we talked about managing your space/tailgaters/ then road rage. At the very beginning of class we talked about air bags and such.
We talked about your total stopping distance. And then being courteous.

It was a good class. I just want my test to be over! Hah.

That's all for now.
Look for Driving School : Day 5 tomorrow!

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