Saturday, August 21, 2010

NIPTO, Day 195

Hey-o Blog readers!

Today: I woke up SUPER late (11:20? Yeah. Super late!), ate breakfast (lunch?), vacuumed, helped Katie make cookies, drove to Giant Eagle to get gas and grapes, stood in line for a longggg time, came home, hung around (aka I don't really remember what I did), then I got ready and then we went across the street to the neighborhood Back to School Bash and then came home and got reorganized and then went to Amish Country for a going away party for... my cousin (to put it simply! You can skip this if you just want to leave it at cousin, but he's my great-uncles step-son... so he's my great-step-cousin? I think.). He's going to China for 9ish months (A school year) Soooo that's pretty crazy. But I'm pretty sure he's going to have an awesome time :)
It was a good partay! GREAT food and a good time catching up with family about NYC&stuff. So that was good.
And Dad and I listened to Stuff Christians Like on the way home... so that was fun too. :) Jon Acuff is hilarious.

And then I talked to a friend of a friend on facebook for a while.
And now I'm listening to Wicked. Because Wicked is fantastic!
And now I'm going to do NIPTO!

Acts 16:25-40

25About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose. 27The jailer woke up, and when he saw the prison doors open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself because he thought the prisoners had escaped. 28But Paul shouted, "Don't harm yourself! We are all here!"
Soooo Paul&Silas were in jail... and they were just singing and praying and the other people in the jail were listening to them. And then there's this big earthquake that opens up all of the doors in the prison and everyone's chains come off. The jailer wakes up and sees that all the doors are open... so he goes and gets his sword and is about to kill himself when Paul tells him not to kill himself because they're all there! What a surprise for the jailer!

29The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas. 30He then brought them out and asked, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

 31They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household." 32Then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all the others in his house. 33At that hour of the night the jailer took them and washed their wounds; then immediately he and all his family were baptized. 34The jailer brought them into his house and set a meal before them; he was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God—he and his whole family.

The jailer then asked that someone gets lights. And he fell down in front of Paul&Silas. He asked them what he had to do to be saved. So obviously their singing&praying had an impression on him. Sometimes singing&praying in a public place will have an impression on someone... you never know!
They told him that he had to believe in Jesus! They told this to him and his entire household and everyone was saved&baptized. The jailer then took them into his home and gave them food. He was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God. Believing in God should be our JOY!

35When it was daylight, the magistrates sent their officers to the jailer with the order: "Release those men."36The jailer told Paul, "The magistrates have ordered that you and Silas be released. Now you can leave. Go in peace."
The magistrates/people in charge told the jailer that he could let Paul&Silas go. To go in peace. Don't worry about it! Happy, right?

 37But Paul said to the officers: "They beat us publicly without a trial, even though we are Roman citizens, and threw us into prison. And now do they want to get rid of us quietly? No! Let them come themselves and escort us out."
Not really. Paul wasn't that happy that they would beat them in public, not give them a trial, and basically disregard their Roman citizenship. And then throw them in jail and then the next day just let them go quietly. Paul wanted them to come to them and take them out of jail. (He'd give them a piece of his mind!)

 38The officers reported this to the magistrates, and when they heard that Paul and Silas were Roman citizens, they were alarmed. 39They came to appease them and escorted them from the prison, requesting them to leave the city. 40After Paul and Silas came out of the prison, they went to Lydia's house, where they met with the brothers and encouraged them. Then they left.
So the officers go back to the magistrates and tell them this and apparently they didn't realize that Paul&Silas were Roman citizens... so they were kinda freaked out about that, so they went to the prison and escorted them out to make them happy. But then they asked them to leave the city. So they went back to Lydia's house and talked to the brothers(&sisters, I'm guessing) there and encouraged them. Then they went on their merry way. For real this time. =P

A'ight. That's it for me, folks! I've gotta be up in about 7 hours for music at church... Soooooo g'night!

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