Monday, August 2, 2010

NIPTO, Day 176

Hello alll. I just posted a Driving School post... It's linked. I've got 2 more days of that and then I'll be done with the classroom time... then just in-cars! And driving about 35 more hours. But it actually adds up pretty fast. I think I might be the one who gets her license the fastest in our family (I don't wanna brag, I don't wanna boast... I just tell them I like toast!). I don't know. Katie got her's within the year? Hannah did too, I think. I don't know though. I have a lot of places to drive to. School. Church. Dance. And I'll ask to drive. Because I'm like that. And this is turning into a driving post. Go here if you want to read about driving!

Acts 11:19-30
19Now those who had been scattered by the persecution in connection with Stephen traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, telling the message only to Jews. 20Some of them, however, men from Cyprus and Cyrene, went to Antioch and began to speak to Greeks also, telling them the good news about the Lord Jesus. 21The Lord's hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.

Okay. So a ton of people (thousands) had been scattered by persecution in the church. So they all traveled away from... Rome? and kept telling people about Jesus, but they told only the Jews. A few people started talking to the Greek people about Jesus and they were successful because the Lord's hand was with them.

 22News of this reached the ears of the church at Jerusalem, and they sent Barnabas to Antioch.23When he arrived and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. 24He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.

So this got around that people were telling the Greeks about Jesus. Eventually, the church in Jerusalem heard and they sent Barnabas to see what was goin' on. So he gets there and he sees that God's grace is really there and he was glad. He encourage them to stick with God and to believe with all of their respective hearts. 
Barnabas was a good guy and he was full of the HS and faith. Annnd a lot of people were like, "I wanna be like him." And they believed in God. 

 25Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul, 26and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

So Barnabas goes to find his buddy Saul/Paul, and he finds him and brings him with him to Antioch. They spent a year there and were with the church and taught a ton of people. And it was in Antioch that people were first called Christians

 27During this time some prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. 28One of them, named Agabus, stood up and through the Spirit predicted that a severe famine would spread over the entire Roman world. (This happened during the reign of Claudius.)

I guess a bunch of prophets went from Antioch to Jerusalem? And one of them told everyone that there was going to be a famine. And either there was a famine during the reign of Claudius, or they went down to Jerusalem at during the reign of Claudius. I'm not sure.

 29The disciples, each according to his ability, decided to provide help for the brothers living in Judea.30This they did, sending their gift to the elders by Barnabas and Saul.

It sounds like there might've been a famine? Because "each according to his ability, decided to provide help..." And they did. Soooo I'm not really sure. But they helped each other. Because they're brothers. And we're brothers and sisters in Christ. I know that Katie at her church in Germany calls everyone Brother/Sister. And I think that's awesome.

We should all be "brother" or "sister" or "saint." That's my opinion. :)

I think that's it for today.
I'm going to hang out with Paige in a little bit? I don't really know what's going on. But something. Soooo have a good rest of your Monday! (Mondays aren't so bad, are they? I don't think they are.)
Adios, readers!

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