Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love weddings!

Drinks all around :)

Chris and Rosie's wedding was yesterday. It was beautiful.
The ceremony was outside at Stan Hywet. First of all, Stan Hywet is BEAUTIFUL. Here are a couple pictures of the grounds leading up to where the wedding was.

You went through the grape arbor to the site of the wedding

The flowers outside of the conservatory. Beautiful!

Through the grape arbor... :)
Rosie walked down the "Birch Tree Alley" (You can see them at the end)

Chris&Pastor Mike going to the front

She's so beautiful...

Exchanging vows

The kiss... :)
Pouring the unity sand. (This was my favorite picture, I think)

The newlyweds! So adorable

Champagne! (I did not have any)

Arrangements on the table.

So adorable...

One of the cupcakes from the cup"cake"


I loved her skirt in this one!

They are tooooo cute!
I don't have any of the pictures that Hannah/Dad took... aka pictures of ME =P (Hannah and me dancing, maybe? I don't know if Dad took any pictures...)

It was very fun! We sat with Jason and Angie and Justin and Laura. They're funny. I like them.
We laughed a lot.
Hannah and I danced some (Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide... plus some random fun dancing :)

It was a fantastic time all around, and it went off with a single hitch! ;)

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