Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Driving With Abby - Driving School: Day 6

Last day today!

We talked about school zones, school buses, emergency vehicles, mail trucks and ... I'm not really sure what else.
I stayed inside for break and ate the snack that I brought from home (chips from Panera and fruit snacks) and looked over my notes for the test.

Then everyone came back in (and it really smelled like Subway (what everyone gets for "lunch" at 10 am)... NOT FAIR) and people asked questions for about 15 minutes... and then we talked about driver emergencies.
Flat tire, tire blow out, hood flies up, running out of gas, and various other things. Skidding, ABS vs normal brakes... all kinds of stuff.

And then we had our tests. She handed them out to those of us who were taking them, and then we took them! It wasn't that hard, but I definitely had to think for some of them. They were either multiple choice, true or false, or fill in the blank from a work bank questions. So it wasn't that bad. I got 6 out of 50 wrong. (I got 88% if you were wondering.)
I want to know what I got wrong, but we never found out. And I'm not going back to that place again. Except for maybe practicing maneuverability. Maybe.

I'm glad to be done. But it wasn't that bad. But I'm glad to be done.

I'm a driving school graduate! So exciting. (Except for the fact that I haven't gotten my certificate yet because I still have to do the in-car driving bit. But that's not school. That's just driving for 2 hours 4 times with someone I don't know. No biggie.)

Oh yeah, after we took our tests, she put on a couple videos so she could grade them. And then she called each of us over so we could initial some stuff and sign something and get our scores back. And then she let us out. And it was glorious to be free. =P Just kidding. It was pretty much like normal. Nothing exciting.

And now I'm done. With driving school and this post.


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