Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I. Am. Exhausted.

We walked all over New York City today. And didn't take one single train or bus.

But today was amazing. And fantastic. And SUPER fun.

It started out slowly... Dad had to drive around forever to find a parking spot because you can't be parked on the left side of the street (one way streets!) from 11-12:30 on Tuesday and Friday because they clean the streets from then to then. Soooo while Dad was driving around, the Girls (Mom, Kate, Hannah, and I shall be known as the Girls from now on.) went to Goodwill a couple blocks from our apartment to shop for a bit. Everything was pretty expensive... BUT I found fantastic big huge black leather bag that I'll use for school books or whatever. But for now it's my bag for the week! It's pretty perfect. It has a really big middle compartment ,but it also has little well defined compartments too. :)
After Goodwill we came back to the apartment to eat something (as it was now about... 12?) and decided that Dad would park outside of the apartment but stay in the car in case he needed to move.
And then we had a New York Experience. Don't get me wrong, this was GOOD.

Most of the girls were in the apt. (Mom was outside talking to Dad) when Mom came in with a t-shirt in her hand and said that this lady wanted her to put the t-shirt on so she could take her picture for her website. So Mom got her picture taken for this t-shirt website (it's not up yet.) Then Mom came back in and told us to come out because she wanted us to put t-shirts on toooooo! So we all go out and get our pictures taken in these sweet t-shirts! And we got to keep them!
The woman was really nice. She's from Ireland. And had a fantastic accent :) So that was a really cool thing that happened to us today!

Once Dad could leave the car, we just kind of started walking... kind of headed to shopping on 5th Ave. But we kind of got lost in Central Park and walked allllll the way across (the longest way possible! or so it seems...). We were all tired after that, so we went to Subway and got food. (The guy looked at us like we were crazy when we asked for 5 cups for water... they only had 3. Crazy)
Then we headed the Museum of Natural History and were there until it closed at 5:45
Then we sat outside for a while trying to decide if we should go to a bible study at 7:30. We decided to go and also decided that we needed to eat on the way there. Soooo we started walking... and we stopped at the Bethesda Fountain (the one at the end of "That's How You Know" in Enchanted) for a little bit. There was a guy who had these big ropes and was blowing bubbles. That was awesome. And there was a guy playing the cello. That was sweet too.
And then we kept walking. Got to the vicinity we needed to be in. Found food. Went to Bible study. Had a fantastic time. The bible study was with people that were friends of Priska and Chang Yong&Ke (the people from the church that Katie went to in Dresden) who live in NYC. So that was kind of cool. It was definitely challenging to listen to what Peter had to say. Stuff I needed to hear. I'll try to blog about that sometime... but now is not that time.
We headed home from Bible study and stopped to get dish soap. And then got back... got ready for bed... I took a shower... and now blogging. And it's late. But we don't have to get up super early tomorrow, which is nice.

So I guess I'll wrap this post up and head over to NIPTO, Day 191! =)

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