Sunday, August 29, 2010

NIPTO, Day 203

OH my goodness. Today has been crazy. And I feel grody right now. I'll get to that in a second though.

Today... I got up and we went to church. I was in the nursery with Mom for the first service. We had Toby and Isabella for most of the time and Christopher at the end for a bit.
Church was interesting today. He talked about David, Abigail, and Nabal. It was kind of about how to respond to a power struggle. How David&Nabal both didn't respond well, but Abigail did. It was interesting. You can find it (probably) at the church website. August 29th, 2010.

We stayed after church because people were going out into the neighborhood to meet people and see if there were any needs that the church could meet.
Then they came back and we ate lunch and then I drove to a friends house to pick up some piano books that she had had for a long time and then I drove home! It was kind of crazy, but I'm alive. And my parents are alive too!

Then I came home and got a few things together for school... and read for a long time.
Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things that she needed for classes (Whaaaaaat?) tomorrow... so we got that and came home... I think I read some more and then went to Encounter where we cleaned out the youth room. Kind of. More like, empty the entire contents of both closets into the room and sort through/throw out stuff. We had 2 big bags of trash and it's still not done. The entire middle of the room was FULL of... STUFF. It was crazy. But we got most of it cleaned out! 6-8:30ish. It was a lot of cleaning. And we ate pizza too. Yum.

So now I'm home. And I'm tired. And I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I have to get up and go to SCHOOL tomorrow! It's ridiculous.

So now I do NIPTO... so I can go get ready for bed. Ahhhh...

Acts 20:1-12
1When the uproar had ended, Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said good-by and set out for Macedonia.

So there was this riot in... wherever they were. Ephesus, I think. When all that ended, Paul called the disciples to him and encouraged them and they said "bye byeee" and headed out to Macedonia.

2He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people, and finally arrived in Greece, 3where he stayed three months. Because the Jews made a plot against him just as he was about to sail for Syria, he decided to go back through Macedonia.4He was accompanied by Sopater son of Pyrrhus from Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus from Thessalonica, Gaius from Derbe, Timothy also, and Tychicus and Trophimus from the province of Asia.5These men went on ahead and waited for us at Troas. 6But we sailed from Philippi after the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and five days later joined the others at Troas, where we stayed seven days.

He kept traveling and talking to people and continued to encourage them. He eventually got to Greece where he stayed for a while. And right when he was about to leave, he found out about a plot against him, so he went back through Macedonia. Six men went ahead of him and waited for him (and Luke, apparently) at Troas. They sailed to Philippi first and then went to Troas for a week.

 7On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on talking until midnight. 8There were many lamps in the upstairs room where we were meeting.

On... Sunday? Monday? a bunch of people got together to... bake bread. Or eat. Or something. Paul spoke and he was supposed to leave the next day so he just kept right on talking. (It reminds me of Tom Short. The guy will talk for as long as you let him. It's great! most of the time.) There were a lot of lamps where they were meeting? Oooooookay.

9Seated in a window was a young man named Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead. 10Paul went down, threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. "Don't be alarmed," he said. "He's alive!" 11Then he went upstairs again and broke bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left. 12The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted.

DUDE. This is a crazy story. So this guy is sitting in the window and falls asleep while Paul's talking. It's late.... He was probably really tired. Or at least I'll say he was. (I wrote "we'll say" at first and I'm like, 'Who's we?? Me&the mouse in my pocket?" haha)
So the guy [Eutychus] falls asleep and falls out of the window. Onto the ground. From three stories up. Uhmmmmmm wow. He died. A fall like that would kill a person.
Thankfully, Paul was there and brought him back to life. Because Paul's cool like that. Then they went upstairs and ate together and talked until the sun came up. For realz. Then he left to keep traveling. 
The people who had been there took the guy home and were "greatly comforted." I'm guessing because he was still alive. Just a... wild... crazy guess!

Okay. I've probably posted this video before, but it's one of my favorite songs. It's fantastic! I love it. So listen to it!

And now I'm going to go to bed. *yawn* My arms hurt from shaking out this huge theater-grade curtain. It was heavy. And definitely a "real" arm work out. :)

Schooool starts tomorrow! I have to figure out what I'm wearing! Crazy stuff. School. Psh.

A'ight. Tchuss! ("bye" in German! I've picked that and Hey-o up from Katie. I hope she sees this. (She better now that she's at school. And might not be coming home next weekend. Dummy. (Have I been hanging around Brandon a lot? Yes.))) <-- Hah. Triple. I'm sweet like that.

G'night now! For real.

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