Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Driving With Abby - Driving School: Day 5

Day 5...

We talked about:
What you can do to prevent fatigue
a little bit about alcohol&drugs (again)
emotions and driving
"comfort&control" aka A/C, heat, your gauges and gizmos on the dashboard (goof lights, as she calls them)
Pavement/roadway markings (double yellow line separates traffic going in different directions, you can pass if there's a dashed yellow line. White lines separate lines of traffic going in the same direction. And it shows the edge of the lanes.)
And the shared left turn lane.

Then we had our break. I went to Dollar General and got a bag of Lay's because I forgot to pack a snack :(
But they were good.
And then we talked about
Stopping distances
Speed limit laws
and Intersections.

And we watched a couple movies... 3 I think, throughout the whole day.

It was a decent day. Tomorrow's the last day. I get to take my test and be DONE! :)
It seemed like the other people didn't have very much trouble with it last week... and I've taken a lot of notes. I'll go over them tonight and then probably tomorrow during break.

Soooo... that's it.

Hope you're having a good day :)

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