Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today in New York City...

a lot happened.
We got up... ate and got ready for the day. Then we headed out towards a subway station intending to head to Chinatown&Little Italy. Dad wanted to stop at the Verizon store so he could back up his contacts on his new phone... so while he did that the Girls went to H&M and Sephora. And then we headed to the subway. We got off at Union Square and went to the farmers market there. It was incredible!

Farmers market booths

Radishes&carrots! =)
We got bread (rolls, mine was sourdough)

Soooooo cool!
And I got what could possible be the best apple I've ever eaten! T'was fantastic.
We sat in the Union Square park to eat our purchases. Then we went to Forever 21&DSW. Mom got a pair of black flats that are super cute! :) (I got a headband at Forever21)

Then we finally made it down to Chinatown. It was pretty cool... we ate at a Chinese restaurant called XO. Good food! And we used chopsticks too :)
Then we headed to Little Italy to look around there... then we headed back towards the apartment. We wanted ice cream so we stopped at Shake Shack (AMAZING PLACE) and got milkshakes/concretes that were aaaaaaaaaahmazing.

Chocolate, toffee, chocolate! SO GOOOD!
Then we came back to the apartment and got changed and then headed out to see WICKED! And let me tell you, it was WICKED. Amazing. The music on the CD is good. But seeing everything performed live was SOOOOOOO cool! I'll post pictures of the set&theatre on facebook when I get home.
But here's a picture of our family :)

And then we came home. After much confusion as to where to get on the subway and which direction it was going. But we got home! And that's all that really matters.

Tomorrow is our last day in NYC! (Full day)
I think we're planning on hanging out in Central Park... and probably getting pizza... and having pasta outside. We got pasta last time we were here at this really cute restaurant&we sat outside. It was fun! I'm looking forward to doing it again.

For now, I need to finish my NIPTO post and then get ready for bed and then GO TO BED because it's almost 1 am!

Goodnight readers!

P.S. My feet are still killing me! Walking around is crazy tough on the feet! (And the tennis shoes! The tread on my shoes is almost gone! So crazy!

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