Sunday, March 21, 2010

Generation Akron... Band dances... your normal weekend.

So much has happened in the last 48 hours. And I'm going to try to sum up.

Friday night was the Generation Akron prayer "meeting" thing. It was fantastic.
Here are some pictures that either I or my dad took.
The Warehouse. (I'm in love with it)

Praying for different subjects


Brandon talking. Pretty inspiring.

That night was so... amazing. I'm having a hard time coming up with words. To quote Katie: The energy in there was amazing. 
I don't think I could quite grasp it. I was there from the beginning. Katie came in the middle. I think walking into that building in the middle of something like that would be insane. I think I also couldn't quite grasp it because I was nervous. Oh so VERY nervous. I danced... it went well. I don't think it went as well as it could've, but that's my opinion. But that doesn't really matter. I'm a selective perfectionist which can be good and bad. But really. Praying with other people for the city of Akron was amazing. 
It was a good night over all and I'm looking forward to the next time! Generation Akron's goal for the next few weeks is to meet 2 nights next week, 3 nights the next week, and 4 nights (or all nights?) the next week! The warehouse will be open from 7 until everyone leaves. I'm hoping to stop by once a week if not more. The only problem is, I can't drive. So I have to bum a ride off of someone =P

Saturday night I went to Band Formal with Katie and Paige. It was fun. It was crazy. It was a lot better than Winter Formal. haha. It was a late night. But it was fun. :)

It's time to do NIPTO and print some homework for class tomorrow... 

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